Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

why google is scary? .. the Aduka Taruna version

1. let say something happened on the net yesterday and you just missed it (for example let's use the AdukaTaruna thinggy)

2. isn't it sucks to know you missed something big and as far as you know there's no time machine available for rent.

3. no worries because google is here to help you for good (.. or bad).

4. so let's fire up the browser and I assume you have google for your home page (i can't imagine if you have other homepage than google.. its been on mine like years).

5. ... then just google the site which you have missed. you just need to know the right keyword :)

6. choose the results

7. in our example here the top search return the site that you want to visit but when you click the link it return 'page cannot be found' (.. maybe the server down, someone tripped the LAN cable, hard disk corrupted, system hangs, cat fighting beside the server, etc etc)

8. no worries man.. google keep tracks of ALL webpages all over the universe so now we going to make some time travel. first go back to the search result which is this page >>

9. now do you see at the top result up there just besides the green colored url of the page there's a link called 'cache'.. fire up the cache (.. i mean, click it)

10. ... and tadda!!! welcome to the world of yesterday (.. and yes, that paintbrush thinggy is courtesy of me and not mr. google)


1. all your activity on the net are monitored by google and the government (even if the government don't monitor it, they can use google to search it)

2. don't make stupid comment or remarks that can stir up hatred and cause trouble to yourself

3. google is your best friend and your worst enemy.

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  1. haha.. small tricks on how to use google je.. but it do keep track of all webpages (as long as it know the page la)