Isnin, 4 Januari 2010


iftitah last year

iftitah's 2009 resolution

6. change my ringtone (noooo!!! i love you discovery channel! i love u!)

5. do something new (err?!)

4. go vacation (sipadan? bali? infinite-loop?)

3. meet 'crazy' people & tell them how 'crazy' they are (obama? steve jobs? tyler durden?)

2. get a life (get married?! hurm..)

1. be a hero (hiro nakamura?)

0. change the world

iftitah's wishlist for 2009 (from yang almost impossible ke yang most probable)

6. a full time gf who can stand & understand me (anyone?!) << she made me smile everyday :)

5. nikon d90 + nikkor 50mm f1.8d + crumpler (huu..berangan!!) << shoot mahal!!!

4. laptop baru + crumpler salary sacrifice (isk..) << macbook from the compan

3. jersi meriambuluh next season (kalau lawa.. then beli tak menang, wachaaa!!) << tak jadi beli

2. beanbags extra large (sunat yg dituntut) << too expensive

1. jumbo pixel led alarm clock from (wajib.. yeah!!) << susah nak import

0. tshirt "there's no place like" from (of course!!!) << shoot!! totally forgot!!!!

iftitah this year

2010 resolution

1. stop buying cigaratte
2. stop smoking cigaratte
3. stop wasting money
4. stop wasting time
5. start healthy lifestyle
6. start learning back programming
7. complete last year's list

2010 wishlist

1. tshirt "there's no place like" from (still)
2. xoxo from my gf :P

somehow i wish to complete d list. till then..

t.q for not smoking..

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  1. haha..I'll help to stop you from smoking!! lol

  2. free of charge help is most welcome. haha.