Khamis, 28 Januari 2010

iPad iPad iPad Pad Pad Pad Pad

while there's a lot of negative reviews out there bashing the iPad and making fun and pun of the name let's just chill out, lay back and get your imagination engine start.

question. what can i do with this pad (iPad of course)?

1. playing board games
- isn't it nice playing board games on the big multitouch screen with your friends? 

2. jigsaw puzzle
- hate messing up your table? welcome to the future!!!

3. a very nice and expensive Digital Photo Frame
- ...and its aluminium

4. an electronic sketch pad
- like brush in the keynote

5. electronic multitouch turntable and mixer??
- you betcha

6. a cool organizer
- coooool

7. big screen gps?
- tomtom carkit please!!!

.. and the list goes on and on and on till the death of App Store.

of course it is hard to please everyone. i remembered the last time they announce the iPhone many compared it to bricks and stones of 40000 BC and now it happened again. what a deja vu.

yet later this year i bet i will see people sitting in Starbucks or McDonalds using this device which has no keyboard and surfing only Facebook.

chill guys.. enough already with the maxiPad jokes. 

p/s: i'm sold. i'll buy one.

6 ulasan:

  1. sudah2 la meng'apple' tue b...~

  2. haha.. meng'apple' eh :P

    nanti me honey-honey kan pulak.. tade apple dah :)

  3. ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶yey!! i would like to c one of those...

  4. then i'll surprise u one day :)

  5. the name
    I still don't like iPhone but I definitely want a iPad!!