Rabu, 23 Disember 2009


its been a long time since I did programming. Back then I used to learn and program Java. As now, currently, I decided not to waste my time watching to much movie and do nothing so I decided that maybe I should learn C. Here's my first program:

this is a simple calculator
created by Ma.D iftitah

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

int main()

float xFirstValue, ySecondValue;
char xOperation;
bool xCondition;

//when xCondition is a boolean, 1 = True, 0 = False

xCondition = 0;

//the while-loop

while (xCondition != 1) {

//program will ask user to enter the value of x

printf("please enter first value: \n");
scanf("%f", &xFirstValue);

//program will ask user to select the operation here ( +, -, x, / )

printf("\nplease select an Operation: \n");
scanf("%c", &xOperation);

//program will ask user to enter the value of y

printf("please enter second value: \n");
scanf("%f", &ySecondValue);

//program will check and calculate based on operation that user selected
//for example x + y = z

if (xOperation == '+') {
printf("\n%f + %f = %f\n", xFirstValue, ySecondValue, xFirstValue + ySecondValue);

else if (xOperation =='-'){
printf("\n%f - %f = %f\n", xFirstValue, ySecondValue, xFirstValue - ySecondValue);
else if (xOperation =='*'){
printf("\n%f * %f = %f\n", xFirstValue, ySecondValue, xFirstValue * ySecondValue);
else if (xOperation == '/'){
printf("\n%f / %f = %f\n", xFirstValue, ySecondValue, xFirstValue / ySecondValue);

else {
xCondition = 1;


//tell the user that the operation selected not valid and program will terminate

//end of program
return 0;


well that is it. simple calculator. please do comment on the codes as this is my first time programmed in C.

p/s: help yourself if you need to steal my codes for your college assignment. lol. 

Selasa, 22 Disember 2009


no offense bro.. lol!!

Isnin, 21 Disember 2009

my (mac)chines

zam comment on my last post led me to his blog. its seems that he blogged about his mac mini already and i shall not resist the temptation to blog about my (mac)hines either. so let me bring you down the memory lane on how did i end up with an apple product.

i can't barely remember my first machine, but i can tell you it ran DOS. i can't recall much about that machine as i own it about a year long and after that my mom let it go. i can't recall how the moment but its like i woke up the next day the machine wasn't there. after that as we couldn't afford to have one, i normally use my uncle's windows 98 just to play command&conquer red alert.

like any other teenagers, my affectionados with computers mostly began because of the internet, and of course during that old school netscape time there still not much one can do so most of the time was spent on IRC channel. after high-school, i went to matriculation college, failed there, move to MMU and it was there i bought my first machine and it was Acer Travelmate, running on Intel Celeron. to be honest, that machine did well and right until now it is still kicking(except for the power adapter) while many of my friend's laptop already kicked the bucket.

it wasn't my intention to buy that Acer as i was planning to buy and Apple's iBook. the only problem i had back then was that it is very hard to find an Apple reseller where i was studying and to buy it, i need to travel like 300 kilometer just to go to the nearest store. as i really in need of a computer, the only choice was to go with a windows machine and the Travelmate was the only one that suits my dollar and cents (that time Apple was still using PowerPC, Intel Pentium for laptop was expensive and i ended up getting a Celeron). the Travelmate costs a bit lesser than iBook.

fast forward to next four years after that, i got a job as technical support and i got to hold a Compaq given by the company and i gave my Acer to my mom. after i jump to my current company at first my boss gave me another Compaq and after using it for a while it was replaced by a Toshiba M200. the Toshiba gave me the luxury of running hackintosh after so long i resist the temptation to use a Mac.

lucky enough, i was able to convinced my boss to replace my 8 months old toshiba with a macbook (actually i do need a Mac since we mostly rely on window machine, to test a network you'll need to test it on different platform so you can justify to the client it can run on multiple platform). that was how lucky i am to ended up getting a Mac.

laying lazily on sofa watchin tv

tv's boring.. how about we play a strip poker

the mac lost.. stripping it slowly

undo nicely~

hey what's that?

hi sexy~

tempting.. tempting

osX!!!!! tadaa~

settling down with the family: hp external monitor pinjam-unlimited-from-errR..office, logitech mx700 pinjam-unlimited-from zam, apple wireless keyboard

Selasa, 15 Disember 2009


that day was our first anniversary of 'going out' together. we started seeing out each other back that day one year ago. i was always a secret fan of her back then in school and to be honest i didn't have the guts to tell her during that time. time passed by and soon it became 7 years. how we ended up being together? i don't know. maybe it's just 'fate'.

she invited me to have breakfast that sunday. the menu was a simple 'cucur udang' and hot nescafe 'o'. we had our breakfast by the pond and it was truly romantic. we talked, laughed, share stories and i was really happy so was she. the weather was very fine with the sun shone brightly with the blue skies as the background, it couldn't been any better. its like the morning was just made for us.

by noon, we went shopping for few things. she bought me a very nice green tshirt and i love the design. i bought few stuff for my office and some for home. for lunch, we had our usual sushi time and we had it served with some pianist playing love song as background music. soon we went to another store. the shopping was nothing, but shopping with her was something.

the evening we spent our time by the lake. we walked along and have a good conversation. the weather a little bit gloomy with clouds covering the blue skies and the sun. maybe it indicates the sadness of our parting time. even then, inside i was really happy and seeing her happy really make my sunday. i sent her home and we wish each other a sweet goodbye.

back at home, i kept playing my sunday repeatedly inside my head and suddenly i realized i was writing this on a piece of paper. last time we had a fight and she complained that i didn't wrote anything about her here. this time she deserved an entry and this post is just dedicated for her.

i am not writing this to impress her nor to brag. i am writing this because this post will act as a reminder for myself. a reminder of how i love her so much. it will someday trigger my emotion and maybe by reading this post back in the future i can recall how a happy person i was that day and i really was. i do love you a lot, i really do.

thank you for made up my sunday. i really appreciate it.

Khamis, 22 Oktober 2009

selamat hari tua professor arsene

terima kasih banyak-banyak sebab bawak masuk thierry henry, robert pires, robin van persie, theo walcott, tomas rosicky, andrei arshavin.

terima kasih juga sebab menyerikan bolasepak EPL dengan gaya permainan yang bermutu dan penuh dengan keunggulan.

selamat hari tua yang ke-60 arsene wenger.

Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009

kill the innocent puppies

"waaa.. gila smart arini!!", zam terasa kagum.

"of coz, kena la matching ngan kasut baru", kata aku sambil tunjuk diorang kasut yang baru dibeli semalam.

"are u sure u wear smart because of new shoes and not because u haven't send all your clothes to laundry?", dalam ayat kew.

"sure laa.. i bought this yesterday"

"brand apa bro?", pertanyaan.

"hush puppies"

"nice or not?", pertanyaan lagi.

"not bad.. kulit anjing"

"fcuk u laa!!", kata mereka.

p/s: it's expensive because only the hati-keras can kill puppies to make shoes with it skin

Rabu, 23 September 2009

saya sepasang teva

Nama saya Teva Mush. Kalau ikut label saya asal dari China. Saya tak punya sesiapa di dunia ini selain dari Tuan saya. Dia yang menyelamatkan saya dari dipijak kaki-kaki lain di Royal Sport House, ke kedai sukan lagi satu saya lupa nama, World of Sport kot.

Patern saya biasa-biasa. Kalau ikut gambar di-atas ada cam design api-api amaterasu sasuke kan?! Haaa..Rare tu nak dapat. Kalau bro cari kat kay-el time ni sure memang tade. Tak tipu bro. Ni pun saya belajar dengan datuk angkat saya yang pernah berkhidmat dengan Uchiha Itachi baru dapat corak api ni. Cara kan?!

Masa begitu cepat berlalu. Tup-Tap-Tup-Tap dah dekat dua tahun. Saya masih stable, lembut dipijak seperti dulu walaupun badan saya semakin nipis. Kalau agak-agak nak best tu belilah yang sebangsa macam saya, gerenti best. Walaubagaimanapun, saya tidak sesuai dijadikan tuju masa main baling selipar sebab ringan.

Baru-baru ni Tuan dah macam slack. Ntah buang tebiat kot. Ni yang risau. Tau la kita ni dah nipis, nak koyak, tapi jangan la pinggirkan kita ni cepat sangat. Ni yang nak rebel ni.

Apa best sangat ke selipar Crocs tu?! Chisss!!!


Petang tu masa berlalu terlalu lembab. Tunggu buka puasa pun tidak begini. Ayam KFC dua bucket dah menunggu kat dapur, tetamu kehormat yang makan kuih raya kat depan ni tak balik-balik lagi. Tak penah pun tengok diorang ni datang rumah opah, member opah lama kot.

Raya kedua pun ada juga orang datang rumah opah. Standed betul taun ni. Taun lepas raya kedua kitorang dah boleh tido terlentang la depan tv tu pukul 2 lebih. Taun ni nak tido berdiri pun susah. Acu cakap yang datang tu cousin-cousin dia, tak penah tengok pulak.

Gerak je Vios-plet-ada-pangkat tu kitorang terus letak bucket kfc kat ruang tamu. Rendang ayam, nasi impit, lemang smua dah sapu raya first. Kfc raya second kira biasa la.

Time kitorang sibuk-sibuk letak ayam dalam pinggan Tok Ayah pulak pegi letak nasi.

"Tok Ayah taleh makan ayam ke?", tanya aku takot dia diet orang tua.

Dia rilex, amik kerusi dia then duduk, baru dia jawab.

"Bukan Tok Ayah takleh makan ayam.. Ayam yang tak boleh makan Tok Ayah", dengan tenang dia capai bucket kfc.

Ha Ha.


Sabtu, 19 September 2009

sudah habis fasting, belum habis f.a.s.t-ing

pasni boleh la korang-korang mencarut seperti biasa tanpa rasa bersalah. astagfirullah. berdosa juga walau bukan bulan puasa. bawak-bawak mengucap.

arini lebuh raya PLUS bertukar nama jadi jalan bukit bintang. at least boleh singgah GSC kalau kat jalan bukit bintang. RnR PLUS lagi la, dah macam parking Sunway Piramid hari sabtu.

nasib baik arini fasting lagi. boleh bawak bersabar. fasting, tapi tak f.a.s.t-ing. too busy driving 20km/h kat PLUS.

aaah. pasal f.a.s.t... where's malaysian f.a.s.t pilot community?

p/s: there's one pilot outranked me when i checked the list in Petaling Jaya. nice one mate, perhaps we should do teh tarik session for malaysia f.a.s.t pilots and bluetooth-ing during the session. count me in.

p/s/2: selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin.

Khamis, 28 Mei 2009

what a birthday!!!

what really made you happy on your own birthday:

1. an early morning wish from the one you love, had breakfast, great time, great present
2. a wish from the little sister..
3. a great fine day
4. team that i wanted them win, won.. team that i wanted them lose, lost. (haha.. go barcarsenal go..)
5. you just noticed that you shared the same birthdate with thierry henry daughter.

what a birthday!


UCL - review kejap

barca (2) - mu (0)

*dah barca memang power, memang patut la m.u kalah
*park ji sung kena belajar header dari messi.. kalau ikut messi lagi pendek, tanduk terus goal
*fan m.u tak datang mamak ke semalam.. senyap je smua.. hahaha
*glory-glory lionel messi~

end review



tunggu season depan..

Isnin, 30 Mac 2009

update, dafi, langkawi, doctor & dot dot dot

kenapa lama tak update?

1. sibuk yang amat
2. arsenal kerap menang balik (tiada kaitan)
3. saya dah ada commitment ;)
4. takde idea
5. ari2 mengadap internet, nak ngadap benda lain gak

haha, alasan..

dua ari lepas baca blog dafi. encik aidel ni sudah jatuh cinta sama ipod touch. damage control?! tidak perlu. racun dia suh dia beli rebeltouch, then dia counter racun suh bli apple in-ear earbuds, demm. encik aidel, saya ingat anda org kuat microsoft, jatuh cinta kat apple juga akhirnya. haha..

langkawi.. langkawi sangat best.. correction, fourseason langkawi sangat best, spend a nite, checkout, checkin in westin. westin pun best. demam? xbest. kerja time demam? xbest.

mmmm.. really wish my
doctor is here  now.. bleh dia bg medicine tuk
demam ni.. huuu.

p/s: orang2 langkawi memang pemandu berhemah.. average speed 40km/h, and no one will horn u for driving slow n steady.. :|  

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Jumaat, 13 Mac 2009

kami yang berdarah merah putih

kalau agak agak takut tengok penalti shootout tu bukan
die-hard fan la.

kalau kalah kami nanges sama-sama, kalau menang kami sorak sama-sama.

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Isnin, 16 Februari 2009

korang memang cool

"aku dah delete friendster", i tell my cousin.

"now i don't have friendster, myspace, or facebook", kata aku lagi.

"ko delete friendster?! seriously tak cool", jawab dia.

rasanya tak ramai yang takde benda social-networking ni. boleh kata semua orang ada.

i was one of them. tapi makin lama makin bosan.
you have x-number of virtual friend, kata friendster. maybe that's the reason why i called it off.

tapi, like my cousin define me, i am uncool without this sort of thing. not only me aku rasa, siapa-siapa yang xde friendster, myspace or facebook confirm uncool.

i like that. rebellious. different. i don't need a bunch of
virtual friends just to make myself happy or cool.

maybe that just me, i may be wrong.
do what you like, kata brad pitt dalam fight club.

except me, i bet everyone have this friendster thinggy, so...

korang memang

p/s: takde frenster pun kita boleh kawan kan kawan-kawan?
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Isnin, 9 Februari 2009


bulan lepas..

"rim kasi standard bang!"

malam semalam...

"i'm asking you more than that! omg! OMG!"

sorry bro.. bukan sengaja nak curi-curi dengar, tapi dah cakap kuat-kuat.

mimpi pun nak speaking yang tak tahan. ntah apa yang
"OMG" ntah, cambest je.

p/s: sebelum tido tu basuh kaki & baca bismillah.
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Khamis, 5 Februari 2009

something stupid

handset dia ringing. ringtone
something stupid.

"ringtone shahdu nampak?!", saja aku mulakan conversation sebab bosan.

ntah bape kali dah dia tukar ringtone, dari
the fratellis ke muse . semua dari mp3 lanun aku.

"message.. biasa la, orang ada awek", balas dia.

"ye la, aku tau aku takde awek..", jawab aku, terkena.

"terasa nampak?!", tembak dia lagi.

siot punya helmi, but i do like
something stupid.

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Ahad, 1 Februari 2009

sad day in school

one day you come to school, have fun with your friend sitting to next you, laugh aloud, chat, do-anything-stupid, tell stories, chasing girls, and the list goes on.

the next day you come to school as usual and you found out that your deskmate have been killed.

i would go mental. this pic can really make u burst into tears.

pic of gaza student, the cards mention the name & age of the students who lost their lives.
taken from digg.com

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Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009


"jap lagi dah nak downtime, tak nak gi mandi dulu ke?", aku tanya zam concern takut ngantuk time migration.

"asal?! u nak mandikan i ke?", tanya dia sambil gelak-gelak dajal. galak sungguh.

"serius ke u nak i mandikan?!", aku tanya balik sambil senyum.

zam sambung gelak. tiba-tiba senyap seminit.

"sial!!", gelak dia tanda faham.

ye la.. sebelum
di-sembahyangkan mesti la di-mandikan. betul?
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Isnin, 26 Januari 2009

mcd, israel, arab & dot dot dot

"in mcd we don't accept credit card sir, in kfc yes.", kata akak cashier mcd.

israel really want to make fast money, they only accept cash", balas pak arab yang tengah order food in front of me, tak puas ati credit card takleh pakai.

a! ku dah senyum-senyum. staff2 mcd yg lain pun ada dah tersengih-sengih. ada yang gelak terus. yang serius pun ada.

"kita kerja cari makan je dik, ni pun overtime diorang dah cut..", luah akak mcd tu bila sampai my turn tuk order.

"negara diorang kaya, kenapa tak serang je israel tu.. ni tak, dia makan jugak mcd..", tambah akak tu tak puas ati lagi ngan pak arab tadi.

"tu la.. saya pun datang makan sebab lapar kak", my answer simple sambil tunggu royal with cheese.

boikot?! saya ada cara tersendiri. oleh kerana mcd bagi free-wifi 24 hours dan free re-fill, saya bertekad untuk menghabiskan duit mcd (duit israel?!) dengan lepak mcd lama-lama. apa lagi, re-fill banyak2 sampai muntah.

p/s: kisah benar.. dan kalau post ini di dipublish, kemungkinan besar dari free-wifi mcd! . rumah xde internet.

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Ahad, 25 Januari 2009


"awak kerja apa?!"


"awak jangan main-main!!"

"computer, network.."

abang polis tu dah pissed-off.

"kalau saya nak kamu buat urine test boleh tak? kamu ikut saya!"

"bang, lesen saya.."

bodoh tak bodoh?! suh drive ikut keta dia tapi license tak bagi. mana leh! drive tak bawak lesen.. tak gi klas memandu ke?

"saya ni polis, awak dalam tahanan saya, arahan saya"

"saya nak tengok id abang..boleh?!"

"awak keluar dari kereta sekarang!!"

dia tunjuk id polis dia.. muka dia tak puas hati.. buruk jugak kad kuasa polis, macam dari manila-kad.. ingatkan canggih cam dlm movie-movie fbi tu.

"saya pakai seragam polis, bawak kereta polis.. awak tak percaya saya?! sekarang keluarkan semua benda dari poket awak!"

aku letak semua atas bonet keta.. dia raba-raba (bukan 'raba' tu eh) aku then satu2 dia check, sampai wallet..

"ni apa ni?!"

"business cards"

"yang ni siapa punya?!"

"saya punya la.. nama saya ada kat belakang tu"

tengok business card pun terbalik.. adoii..

my date kebetulan sampai.. terus dia bising2 tanya polis tu apahal. right on time polis tu cam terus masuk keta ngan ic, lesen n business card aku.

"saya nak discuss ngan partner saya jap..", ayat last dia sblom masuk keta ronda.

long story short, dia tak jadi tahan n tak jadi urine test. dia cakap
mencurigakan. dia tak pulak tau dia sendiri yang mencurigakan.. macam nak pau (or angpau kot) pun ada.

me?! mencurigakan?! mencurigakan macam drug dealer rasanya sampai nak kena urine test?

kalau saya drug dealer, saya pakai
5-series kaler hitam bang.. takde la pakai satria neo ni.

my date lak yang emo lebih sampai call aduan. diorang cakap tu rutin biasa. kalau rutin pun mesra-alam sikit la kata my date, ni tak mesra langsung.

disclaimer: conversation di atas benar-benar berlaku.. ada la sikit2 tambah garam, yang 'biasa-biasa..' tu betul2. jgn marah eh abang polis.  
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Sabtu, 24 Januari 2009

ini bukan kl

serius lain gila. tak bising. orang semua cakap pelan-pelan. tak riuh-rendah. jem, tapi kereta-kereta tak hon. takde bunyi exzoz rempit. mamak pun sunyi.

it happened to me twice. tak tipu. sekali siang. sekali time maghrib, masa balik keje. aman damai.

i said to myself.
"ini bukan kl.."

lepas je cakap camtu, mamak turn on volume tv.. semua jadi bising balik.

curse you mamak!! you ruined the moment!!!

malaikat lalu kot.. tapi s! apa la yang mula2 come out terms malaikat lalu?! betul ke diorang saja cakapp?
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Jumaat, 23 Januari 2009

when my grandma asked us to watch tv

"tadi opah called, dia suruh tengok tv 12 malam nanti", bagitau acu.

"ada apa kat tv?", tanya aku curious, bukan hari-hari dia call, tiba2 suh tengok tv?!

"obama angkat sumpah presiden us", jawab acu balik.

steady jugak my grandma.. seryes kitorang pun tak tau bila obama nak angkat sumpah.

dia bukan orang hebat-hebat pun. dia biasa-biasa je. belajar pun tak tinggi, time belajar dah kena perang ngan
jepun.. but she knows bout barrack obama.
maybe its because of the
obama-effect or maybe my grandparents they are just people of change.

they know whoever become the president of united states will not change much, but atleast they change something.. maybe macam statement
hari ini lebih baik dari semalam. maybe obama lagi baik dari bush.

tu sebab diorang sokong
sayap-kiri kot?! PAS at least jauh lebih baik dari UMNO.
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Ahad, 18 Januari 2009

when politician talk bs

"..selepas ini fokus Pemuda untuk merakyatkan remaja-remaja" - Khairy Jamaludin, Buletin 1:30

what the fuck was that?! merakyatkan?! what country you from?!!

i double-checked my ID card and it shows 'warganegara'. i! did'nt score A in Bahasa Melayu but you don't have to be an oxford's graduate to know that.

don't talk fancy words if you want to deliver your message across. keep it simple if you want the audience to understand it. it's not hard.

try this:

"..selepas ini fokus Pemuda untuk mem-barisan-nasional-kan remaja-remaja"

stupid politician.    

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Jumaat, 16 Januari 2009


hari ni hari jumaat. macam every jumaat, i took monorail to hang tuah, pergi menunaikan yang fardhu.

masa masuk train.. ada suara keras

"MASUK LA DALAM LAGI!!!", ada brader kat belakang jerit sambil tolak2. umur dah macam ada anak tiga.

gaya pemakaian, smart, rambut tersikat rapi, kemeja kotak-kotak kaler kuning. cam executive.

lex la bro.. taleh sabar skit ke? takkan bulan puasa je sabar. orang lain pun rilex2 je.

takkan nak pergi jumpa Yang-Maha-Esa pun nak marah-marah kot?
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Rabu, 14 Januari 2009


tadi my little sis called,

"kucing dah beranak.. ada 4 anak dia", kata my sis.

"satu tuk abang if, satu tuk abang aliff, abang adam, satu tuk adik"

how sweet.. tapi leceh aah nak jaga anak kucing. adik take care je la tuk abang, abang subsidize. kasi dia nama
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Isnin, 12 Januari 2009

meriambuluh(1) vs bolton(0)

kronologi 2nd half

min 50: macam haram juga main

min 55: diaby dapat bola, pastu mesti hilang balik..

min 60: midfield tak jalan, duduk lepak-lepak isap rokok kot?!

min 65: msg arsene wenger, suh dia maki sikit diaby.. "aku tukar terus!",dia reply. masuk vela.

min 70: ada improvement.. bagus2! baru la arsenal.

min 75: bendtner masuk.. mesti score nih!

min 80: vela sikit lagi nak score! xpe, blaja lagi dari robin eh.

min 85: goal!!! bendtner score, robin assist. motivation naik 100%.

min 90: 3 min extra time. tau pun camne nak main tul2. arsene wenger plak tak reti-reti nak beli arshavin?! kalah tadi sia-sia je.  

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Jumaat, 9 Januari 2009


saiful ialah sebuah mobil (bm: kereta). jenisnya, dirahsiakan. siapa yang bagi nama saiful tu saya tak tahu, tapi apa-ke-takde-nama-lain sampai bagi nama saiful?

saya tak kisah kalau pemandu dia macho. saya tak heran kalau pemandu dia banyak duit. saya tak pandang pun kalau girl dalam mobil tu cun.. tapi bila ternampak sticker 'saiful' tertampal kat belakang bonet tu cam nak ROFL pun ada.

tak. i don't get mad. saya tak marah kalau siapa-siapa pun nak bagi nama kat kereta, moto, or beskal sekalipun. but berpada-pada la. walaupun boyfren anda hensem-gila, jangan la namakan kereta tu ngan nama dia.

"please!!! gimme a cool name master!"

probably camtu la kalau kete tu boleh berkata-kata. dah beli mahal-mahal, bodykit pun mantap, striping cun, brek brembo.. kasi la nama maskulin sket.

saya mengaku saya ! sendiri ada bagi
name kat kete saya (tapi tade la tampal2 sticker ni). macam ex-boss saya masa keje kat batu-3 tu pun dia ada bagi nama kat bike dia gak, xde tampal sticker pun.. lagi cool sebab dia panggil fatboy, sesuai ngan cc moto tu yg gemuk.

so, saya dah malas layan. pandai-pandai korang la nak capai tahap
coolness masing2.

disclaimer : sesapa terasa tu saya minta maaf. saya betul2 nak gelak time tu, memang kelakar nama kereta anda.    
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Selasa, 6 Januari 2009

saya pemandu berhemah

kadang-kadang orang kebanyakan or kebanyakan orang memandu secara celaka. tiap-tiap hari kalau boleh nak drive bagi orang lain marah.

saya?! saya pemandu yang berhemah. orang nak masuk lane time-time jem saya bagi. orang potong saya senyum, gelak-gelak kecil kalau dia potong secara noob.

mencarut? saya tak amalkan. walaupun ada sikit tersebut 'fak' or 'cit', tapi bukan hari-hari.

kalau pemandu-pemandu lain memandu secara celaka saya cuma akan berkata dengan sopan;

"i do hope you get cancer"

terima kasih
top-gear, you teached me well.
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Ahad, 4 Januari 2009

home sweet home

i was watching dvd.. jason statham, the transporter, combo. helmi was speaking on phone or watching tv, i wasnt sure.

outside.. countdown, fireworks & riuh rendah..

aku pandang helmi..
"happy new year bro"

"happy new year", dia balas.

bunyi kat luar orang sorak-sorak bising.. kitorang tengok sama sendiri. tiba-tiba datang semangat..

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Woooohoo!!"

kitorang kasi high-five sambil jerit-jerit atas tilam! .

after seminit dia sambung tengok tv, aku sambung jason statham kat laptop.. best woo.

'there's no place like'

p/s: sapa kata kat rumah tak leh celebrate new year?!

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Jumaat, 2 Januari 2009

a geek's life

kitorang on the way balik makan,
dia keluarkan touch&go..

"takyah la..", kata aku yang dah prepare duit tol awal-awal.

"apsal eh?", tanya dia.

"ntah.. maybe sebab aku prefer human interaction kot?!", aku bagi sebab.

"asyik-asyik mengadap server machines je",
aku continue..

"ohh.. patut la. tak cukup kasih sayang", kata dia simple.

aku gelak. tapi maybe kot.

p/s: zam, kalau baca, sila-sila la tinggalkan pc tu. this is the reason why we geek don't have any life..haha

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