Jumaat, 12 Februari 2010

Squirt in Finding Nemo vs. Squirt in real life

"Good afternoon, we're gonna have a great jump today!"

"See you later, dudes!"

ooh man!! i love finding nemo!!

p/s: image is copyright of Eric Cheng.. i found it on Digg.com

Khamis, 28 Januari 2010

iPad iPad iPad Pad Pad Pad Pad

while there's a lot of negative reviews out there bashing the iPad and making fun and pun of the name let's just chill out, lay back and get your imagination engine start.

question. what can i do with this pad (iPad of course)?

1. playing board games
- isn't it nice playing board games on the big multitouch screen with your friends? 

2. jigsaw puzzle
- hate messing up your table? welcome to the future!!!

3. a very nice and expensive Digital Photo Frame
- ...and its aluminium

4. an electronic sketch pad
- like brush in the keynote

5. electronic multitouch turntable and mixer??
- you betcha

6. a cool organizer
- coooool

7. big screen gps?
- tomtom carkit please!!!

.. and the list goes on and on and on till the death of App Store.

of course it is hard to please everyone. i remembered the last time they announce the iPhone many compared it to bricks and stones of 40000 BC and now it happened again. what a deja vu.

yet later this year i bet i will see people sitting in Starbucks or McDonalds using this device which has no keyboard and surfing only Facebook.

chill guys.. enough already with the maxiPad jokes. 

p/s: i'm sold. i'll buy one.

Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

why google is scary? .. the Aduka Taruna version

1. let say something happened on the net yesterday and you just missed it (for example let's use the AdukaTaruna thinggy)

2. isn't it sucks to know you missed something big and as far as you know there's no time machine available for rent.

3. no worries because google is here to help you for good (.. or bad).

4. so let's fire up the browser and I assume you have google for your home page (i can't imagine if you have other homepage than google.. its been on mine like years).

5. ... then just google the site which you have missed. you just need to know the right keyword :)

6. choose the results

7. in our example here the top search return the site that you want to visit but when you click the link it return 'page cannot be found' (.. maybe the server down, someone tripped the LAN cable, hard disk corrupted, system hangs, cat fighting beside the server, etc etc)

8. no worries man.. google keep tracks of ALL webpages all over the universe so now we going to make some time travel. first go back to the search result which is this page >>

9. now do you see at the top result up there just besides the green colored url of the page there's a link called 'cache'.. fire up the cache (.. i mean, click it)

10. ... and tadda!!! welcome to the world of yesterday (.. and yes, that paintbrush thinggy is courtesy of me and not mr. google)


1. all your activity on the net are monitored by google and the government (even if the government don't monitor it, they can use google to search it)

2. don't make stupid comment or remarks that can stir up hatred and cause trouble to yourself

3. google is your best friend and your worst enemy.

Khamis, 7 Januari 2010

run fatboy.. RUNNNN!!!!!

today was my 6th day since i stop smoking cigarettes. the 'last bat' was in the morning of the new-year and after that i totally stop. now i must say i've managed to get the attention of my smoking-partners and it seems now zaki is trying to stop.

well, its not all romantic.. zam this morning asked me about 'withdrawal symptoms' as zaki suffering from headache that now he's trying to stop. i guess that was the reason why my emotion keep replicating the stock exchange. it goes up, and it goes down, up again, down.. it must be really hard for my honey to cope with me. sorry honey for being to harsh to you, especially last night. :(

putting that smoking aside, i wish to do something a little bit healthy and maybe because of 'abang kew' sudah start, i terikut-ikut untuk joggin. its pretty sad as well coz last time i use to have like six-packs (haha.. perasan) but since last time there were no one taking care of me, i lost it and develop one big belly pack :| 

from now on i decided to tiru abang kew to jog at least once a week to get back my six-packs and develop attractive figure(haha). well.. run fatboy, RUN!!!

Isnin, 4 Januari 2010


iftitah last year

iftitah's 2009 resolution

6. change my ringtone (noooo!!! i love you discovery channel! i love u!)

5. do something new (err?!)

4. go vacation (sipadan? bali? infinite-loop?)

3. meet 'crazy' people & tell them how 'crazy' they are (obama? steve jobs? tyler durden?)

2. get a life (get married?! hurm..)

1. be a hero (hiro nakamura?)

0. change the world

iftitah's wishlist for 2009 (from yang almost impossible ke yang most probable)

6. a full time gf who can stand & understand me (anyone?!) << she made me smile everyday :)

5. nikon d90 + nikkor 50mm f1.8d + crumpler (huu..berangan!!) << shoot mahal!!!

4. laptop baru + crumpler salary sacrifice (isk..) << macbook from the compan

3. jersi meriambuluh next season (kalau lawa.. then beli tak menang, wachaaa!!) << tak jadi beli

2. beanbags extra large (sunat yg dituntut) << too expensive

1. jumbo pixel led alarm clock from homeloo.com (wajib.. yeah!!) << susah nak import

0. tshirt "there's no place like" from thinkgeek.com (of course!!!) << shoot!! totally forgot!!!!

iftitah this year

2010 resolution

1. stop buying cigaratte
2. stop smoking cigaratte
3. stop wasting money
4. stop wasting time
5. start healthy lifestyle
6. start learning back programming
7. complete last year's list

2010 wishlist

1. tshirt "there's no place like" from thinkgeek.com (still)
2. xoxo from my gf :P

somehow i wish to complete d list. till then..

t.q for not smoking..

Rabu, 23 Disember 2009


its been a long time since I did programming. Back then I used to learn and program Java. As now, currently, I decided not to waste my time watching to much movie and do nothing so I decided that maybe I should learn C. Here's my first program:

this is a simple calculator
created by Ma.D iftitah

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

int main()

float xFirstValue, ySecondValue;
char xOperation;
bool xCondition;

//when xCondition is a boolean, 1 = True, 0 = False

xCondition = 0;

//the while-loop

while (xCondition != 1) {

//program will ask user to enter the value of x

printf("please enter first value: \n");
scanf("%f", &xFirstValue);

//program will ask user to select the operation here ( +, -, x, / )

printf("\nplease select an Operation: \n");
scanf("%c", &xOperation);

//program will ask user to enter the value of y

printf("please enter second value: \n");
scanf("%f", &ySecondValue);

//program will check and calculate based on operation that user selected
//for example x + y = z

if (xOperation == '+') {
printf("\n%f + %f = %f\n", xFirstValue, ySecondValue, xFirstValue + ySecondValue);

else if (xOperation =='-'){
printf("\n%f - %f = %f\n", xFirstValue, ySecondValue, xFirstValue - ySecondValue);
else if (xOperation =='*'){
printf("\n%f * %f = %f\n", xFirstValue, ySecondValue, xFirstValue * ySecondValue);
else if (xOperation == '/'){
printf("\n%f / %f = %f\n", xFirstValue, ySecondValue, xFirstValue / ySecondValue);

else {
xCondition = 1;


//tell the user that the operation selected not valid and program will terminate

//end of program
return 0;


well that is it. simple calculator. please do comment on the codes as this is my first time programmed in C.

p/s: help yourself if you need to steal my codes for your college assignment. lol. 

Selasa, 22 Disember 2009


no offense bro.. lol!!