Khamis, 7 Januari 2010

run fatboy.. RUNNNN!!!!!

today was my 6th day since i stop smoking cigarettes. the 'last bat' was in the morning of the new-year and after that i totally stop. now i must say i've managed to get the attention of my smoking-partners and it seems now zaki is trying to stop.

well, its not all romantic.. zam this morning asked me about 'withdrawal symptoms' as zaki suffering from headache that now he's trying to stop. i guess that was the reason why my emotion keep replicating the stock exchange. it goes up, and it goes down, up again, down.. it must be really hard for my honey to cope with me. sorry honey for being to harsh to you, especially last night. :(

putting that smoking aside, i wish to do something a little bit healthy and maybe because of 'abang kew' sudah start, i terikut-ikut untuk joggin. its pretty sad as well coz last time i use to have like six-packs (haha.. perasan) but since last time there were no one taking care of me, i lost it and develop one big belly pack :| 

from now on i decided to tiru abang kew to jog at least once a week to get back my six-packs and develop attractive figure(haha). well.. run fatboy, RUN!!!

11 ulasan:

  1. haha..I din know kew has jogging habit..
    for smoking, maybe shud stop slowly..I heard there's someone stop too sudden then die..= ="

  2. was passiert, will nicht aufhören von der Unterstützung und motiviert dich meine Liebe. Run, Fat Boy, Run!!! (",)

    p/s--> Sie haben einen dicken Bauch, der so sexy zu mir und ich liebe es!

  3. jean: that one must be one king-of-smoker.. cant tahan d

    honey: sexy eh dear, errr... baru nak exercise kena puji sexy belly.. hehe.. thanks for ur support my love :x

  4. jom...dr kuala perlis ke kuala lumpur...ngeeee~ [>;<]

  5. W1D2: Agak pancit .....why~~~~~?! ;'(

  6. w1d2 pancit coz baru second day kan. thats y kot :)

  7. yep alhamdulillah. now dh W2..ngeeeee~

  8. yup yup. keep it going :D
    tomorrow w2d2. lets run!!!