Selasa, 15 Disember 2009


that day was our first anniversary of 'going out' together. we started seeing out each other back that day one year ago. i was always a secret fan of her back then in school and to be honest i didn't have the guts to tell her during that time. time passed by and soon it became 7 years. how we ended up being together? i don't know. maybe it's just 'fate'.

she invited me to have breakfast that sunday. the menu was a simple 'cucur udang' and hot nescafe 'o'. we had our breakfast by the pond and it was truly romantic. we talked, laughed, share stories and i was really happy so was she. the weather was very fine with the sun shone brightly with the blue skies as the background, it couldn't been any better. its like the morning was just made for us.

by noon, we went shopping for few things. she bought me a very nice green tshirt and i love the design. i bought few stuff for my office and some for home. for lunch, we had our usual sushi time and we had it served with some pianist playing love song as background music. soon we went to another store. the shopping was nothing, but shopping with her was something.

the evening we spent our time by the lake. we walked along and have a good conversation. the weather a little bit gloomy with clouds covering the blue skies and the sun. maybe it indicates the sadness of our parting time. even then, inside i was really happy and seeing her happy really make my sunday. i sent her home and we wish each other a sweet goodbye.

back at home, i kept playing my sunday repeatedly inside my head and suddenly i realized i was writing this on a piece of paper. last time we had a fight and she complained that i didn't wrote anything about her here. this time she deserved an entry and this post is just dedicated for her.

i am not writing this to impress her nor to brag. i am writing this because this post will act as a reminder for myself. a reminder of how i love her so much. it will someday trigger my emotion and maybe by reading this post back in the future i can recall how a happy person i was that day and i really was. i do love you a lot, i really do.

thank you for made up my sunday. i really appreciate it.

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