Ahad, 18 Januari 2009

when politician talk bs

"..selepas ini fokus Pemuda untuk merakyatkan remaja-remaja" - Khairy Jamaludin, Buletin 1:30

what the fuck was that?! merakyatkan?! what country you from?!!

i double-checked my ID card and it shows 'warganegara'. i! did'nt score A in Bahasa Melayu but you don't have to be an oxford's graduate to know that.

don't talk fancy words if you want to deliver your message across. keep it simple if you want the audience to understand it. it's not hard.

try this:

"..selepas ini fokus Pemuda untuk mem-barisan-nasional-kan remaja-remaja"

stupid politician.    

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  1. memang KJ tu dasar xguna punye olang....bleh menjahanamkan bangsa dia ute