Selasa, 30 Disember 2008


"your name is very hard to pronounce" - a chinese friend

"mesti awak tau doa Iftitah kan?! sila baca.." - pk hem (form 4, SMKBS)

"kamu tengok tak Kasih Iftitah?" - amil zakat (masjid sitiawan, raya tahun lepas)

i must admit, i have a really unique name. since i was a kid my friends selalu kata
"nama ko cam perempuan la".

even when i grew up, people still ask,
"are you local?" ..maybe they never heard of it before.

actually i don't really take serious of what people say, in fact, sometimes i explained to them the meaning of my name (for those yg interested la).

when i was young, i've always wonder why my parents gave me this name. not that i regret having the name, just that i want to know the reasons they picked this name instead of any other common name.

"Iftitah?! Pembukaan. Patut la duduk dekat-dekat pintu" - uztat kmpk (time sesi suai-kenal, nama sorang-sorang dia translate)

there.. pembukaan . the first. the beginning.

but that was the translation. of course i was the first child of my parents, but was that the only reason?!

i didn't dare to ask my parents direct maybe because of respect towards them.

"ibu abah ko bagi nama-nama yang First-first je tuk anak-anak dia", my aunt start bercerita.

"they want you guys to be the best, top-of-the-list, #1.. that's why they named you after the first prayer of solat.."

"that was also the reason why they named ur brothers n sis, 'Aliff', 'Adam' and 'Aishah'", she finishes.

now i realized how big their love for their childrens.

thank you mom & dad. love u guys. i'm proud of my name.

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3 ulasan:

  1. guess u nvr know another one.

    Hafizan: When eve will come? She is one of the interns as well right?
    Me: If is a guy, not a girl. (S)He is our supervisor.


  2. ROFL ..siot punya Hafizan.

  3. cool ape nama iftitah...
    bf aku pon nama dia iftitah... :P